About Me

3D Visualization Artist - VR - Unreal Game Engine
Before entering her career as a 3D artist, Erica spent 10 years working in the healthcare industry. She worked as both an Emergency Medical Technician and Patient Care Technician in an Emergency room. She graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University in 2018 with a bachelors degree in Computer Animation- Video Game Animation.
After leaving the healthcare industry, she worked for Epoch games developing characters for the game "The Lays of Althas: Sundered Order". She created high-poly sculpts in zbrush and PBR textures in substance Painter. Erica worked closely with both animators and concept artist to ensure the characters worked seamlessly in the game engine.
Upon leaving Epoch Games, Erica entered the architectural industry as a 3D visualization artist. She is responsible for creating high end renderings of both interior and exterior spaces. Erica oversees the development of Virtual Reality within the firms interior projects. She creates VR projects for the HTC Vive as well as 360 Renderings for the Oculus Go.
Erica also freelances for several gaming, film and advertising companies outside of her day job in architecture.